What are you creating?

By Leziga Barikor

You know it’s late, but you just came up with a great idea. Do you write it down? Wait, where is your journal? Any scrap of paper will do. But by the next morning, are all your great ideas fading as fast as your dreams?

As a creative person, that is one scenario you might run into often. But the next scenario in many ways can be much worse. You are being given the freedom to dedicate time to create anything you want! So… what are you going to do.

In my mobile reporting class, I ran into the latter situation. I had to think about what I was going to create for 15 weeks spent in my class and outside of class time.

You can do anything! You want to do everything… but you can only choose one thing.

In situations like this, more creativity becomes your friend. Journal out your thoughts and ideas. Or make a quick video reflection about them. You don’t have to share it with the world, but the act of bringing your thoughts out of your head will help you decide what’s really important.

Think out loud.

What are you creating?

What am I creating? Vlog #1