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Learn how to stop worrying about the future or past. Right here is where you live.

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This present moment doesn’t need to be forgotten. Stop forgetting the things in life that you wish to remember most.

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There is an eternal wonder waiting for you on the other side of this valley. Live as if what you did today matters because it does forever.

Leziga Barikor at Gibraltar standing in monument

My name is Leziga Barikor and I’m on a journey towards a more slow and mindful lifestyle.

My journey started towards the end of my freshman year of college. I discovered minimalism and was instantly drawn to the idea of subtraction of everything in life that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Where minimalism mainly seemed to focus around the physical, I began to notice the need to simplify in more areas of life.

Simple became slow down. I began learning more about simple living and mindfulness, and now I’m working towards slowing down in life.

The biggest factor in my journey has been my faith in Jesus. When I read the gospels, I don’t see a Savior in a hurry or unable to make time for the things that matter. But what I do see, is Jesus walking towards lost people and slowing down to heal those in need.

I want to live a life that’s focused and intentional. And I want to live it to cause the most good to those around me.

Things I’m interested in: concerts, pop culture, travel, memes.

Things I’ll be writing about: travel, mindfulness, lifestyle tips, fun experiences.

To quote one of my favorite song writers, “I want to be rich with memories not money.” I hope my blog helps you on your journey to growing rich in memories too.

Don’t live life in a hurry, xo

— Leziga

Leziga Barikor in Spain El Donada sand landscape

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