Livestream Reflection

For class, I had to conduct two livestreams. It was definitely an assignment that I wouldn’t have willingly taken on by myself.

It was easier to set up a livestream at an event than to figure out who to have on as a live guest. The two assignments that came out of that were both very interesting.

In my live event, it was a challenge to figure out who to talk to and how to navigate interviews in group settings. I think what I ultimately did finding time to talk to people individually worked out a lot better than bigger groups.

I also later on noticed in my livestream that I had forgotten to ask people for their names. When I was on live, I asked questions differently than I would have if I were just recording the interviews for audio.

For my sit down livestream, I got a very cool guest. It worked out that this doctor who specializes in topics that I was interested in came to town and was willing to chat with me. Through borrowing some of my professor’s equipment, I was able to a really great job with that. I think it turned out very well, and I’m glad I was able to write about an interesting topic that I could enjoy. I ended up writing over 1600 words in three days because there was so much great content.

This assignment was a good challenge, and I learned a lot about live reporting through it.


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